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We are consumer lawyers with experience in consumer rights. Most consumer clients have in some way fallen victim to predatory lenders, dishonest debt collectors or improper mortgage servicing practices—probably all three. Our years of practice includes litigating creditor abuses; rights of homeowners and foreclosure defense litigation, including challenges to the right of creditors to foreclose on individual homeowners. Each member of Hood & Lay is a graduate of Max Gardner's "Securitization and Servicing Boot Camp" so we are trained in helping consumers wade their way through mortgage servicing and securitization issues regarding their mortgage loans. Whether you are facing foreclosure, you have title issues, or whether you just want to know to whom you are really indebted, we have the experience to uncover those answers. Some consumers who have found it necessary to file bankruptcy to receive a fresh start realize it’s not always that easy. In fact, many consumers face creditors and servicers who file improper proofs of claim, violate the automatic stay and secretly accumulate fees never approved by the bankruptcy court.

After discharge, servicers bill consumers for those hidden fees and some creditors and collectors sell discharged debts to debt buyers, who re-report those debts to the credit reporting agencies and undermine your clients’ fresh starts. Rhonda is a graduate of Max Gardner's "Bankruptcy Boot Camp" where she was trained in the Bankruptcy Litigation Model and gained valuable information that allows her to stay several moves ahead of her adversaries when representing clients in matters such as these. Rhonda is also a graduate of Max Gardner’s UCC Seminar at New York Law School where she received intensive training on the key rules in the Uniform Commercial Code that govern the transfer, ownership and enforcement of mortgage notes secured by a mortgage on real property.

We maintain a heavy volume of wrongful foreclosure cases and creditor abuse cases in the State of Alabama, litigating in state court, federal court and bankruptcy court.

Interesting Facts

Tenants Rights
The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act went into effect in May 2009 and provides protections to tenants in foreclosed properties. The Act was originally set to expire on December 31, 2012, but the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act extended the expiration date to December 31, 2014.


6 million estimated foreclosures by 2016
Number of the day 6 million That's how many homes will be repossessed by banks or sold at distressed prices by 2016, according to Oliver Chang, a Morgan Stanley analyst in San Francisco. The dismal environment has...